About us

About Us

SINCE 2013

We Want To Make You Happy!

Happy Sailor Printing provides printing services to the greater Tampa Bay area and beyond. We have a range of products from T-shirts to Sweatshirts and more. We handle everything from Vinyl to DTG (Direct to Garment) printing.

Our Team

The Happy Sailor Team is small in number, but large in heart. We believe that, sometimes the faithful few is all that's necessary.

Cups of Coffee

Mario Crittenden

CEO & Founder

Mario is a full time service member in the United States Navy while simultaneously running the Happy Sailor Printing company.  The vision for the company started in the apartment of his then St. Petersburg apartment.  A longtime friend gave him a vinyly cutter that she no longer had any use for.  Mario then decided to call his brother, his IT professional, to find the software and put the cutter to use.  The business then grew after moving to Tampa and it expanded into the kitchen of his home with the vinyl cutter and a heat press machine.  Several years later, Happy Sailor Printing moved into the official Waters Avenue location.  Mario is a sincere person who really does just want to make all of his clients, “Happy”!

Maurice Gardner

Special Assistant & IT Systems Manager

Maurice serves as Special Assistant to CEO Mario Crittenden.  He is also the Software Consultant and Information Technology Manager.  He is responsible for ensuring that the Company is abreadst of the latest Print production software and maintaining the company’s network.  Maurice is also the webmaster for Happy Sailor Printing’s Website.  He is the consult specialist for clients needing web design services through Happy Sailor Printing.

LJ Mazzarino

Sales Associate

LJ Mazzarino is the Senior Sales Associate at Happy Sailor Printing.  He is responsible for a multitude of duties including New Business Outreach, Sales Quotes, and HIgh Volume Account Management.  He is also lead of the Graphic Design team.

Ashley Miller

Executive Director

Ashley Miller is the Senior Production specialist at Happy Sailor Printing.  She handles all the functions of color specialty mixing, screen  design output, and other aspects of the custom shirt production process.  Whether it be screen printing, vinyl, or heat press, Ashley is an expert in her field.



We have a clear vision for where we are and where we are destined to be. We become experts in our fields to lead with purpose and passion.


We each act like owners.  We act with the understanding that the company’s success equals the individual success of each employee.


Our frontline employees are number one and we realize that our customer satisfaction is a direct reflection of them.  We can only be as great as the people we employ.